Lauren Auslander

With 12 solid years of personal PR representation experience, Lauren founded LUNA in December 2016. Most recently she was Vice President of Entertainment at PMK*BNC where she lead the NY Entertainment Department. She began her career as an assistant at Disney, working on films such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Finding Nemo and joined PMK*BNC in 2004 as an Account Executive working on film campaigns and with individual talent. 

Lauren has spearheaded multiple Awards campaigns for clients, including: Zooey Deschanel (Golden Globe, Emmy, Grammy), Glenn Close (Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy), Hamilton's Rory O’Malley (Tony) and Jane Krakowski (Emmy, Tony).  Additionally, she has driven multiple successful film, TV, book and record launches for her A-list clients. She handles personal PR for a star-studded talent roster which includes Deschanel, O’Malley and Krakowski along with Jessica Simpson, Keke Palmer, Coco Rocha, Abby Elliott, Holt McCallany, The Princess Grace Foundation and more.  Further, she has spearheaded talent-centric publicity campaigns for blue-chip brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Coach.

Lauren has been instrumental in bringing the Jessica Simpson Collection to a billion dollar business. Through focus and promotion of Jessica in conjunction with her collection, Lauren strategically shifted the conversation surrounding Simpson towards her success as a female entrepreneur – helping expand her existing fan base while also building credibility by securing prestigious press placements like the cover of Vanity Fair and engagements at high-profile women’s events, like the Forbes Women’s conference.

Lauren possesses the keen ability to maintain grace under pressure and upholds a stellar rapport with clients, media and colleagues alike. Both in dealing with the media and A-list clients, understanding individual needs, uncertainties, personal goals and objectives is paramount, and Lauren has the unique aptitude to read one’s intentions and act accordingly with finesse. Her insightful guidance has helped clients to avert crisis/issues and minimize the impact of various potential crisis situations. She is determined and believes in goal setting, oftentimes putting a plan in motion years before that goal actually comes to fruition. She is known for her devotion and loyalty to her clients and, in turn, has enjoyed that same loyalty from them – many of whom have remained on her roster for 10 years plus.

In her spare time Lauren enjoys spending time with her husband, one year old son, twelve year old dog, family and friends. She believes that every day is a gift and that it is nice to be important but important to be nice.